This Revolution Day we are bringing it back old school, and featuring some of our original cocktails. Take a walk down Avenida Revolución and enjoy the rebellious flavors of Maestro Dobel blanco tequila, fresh pineapple, fresh lime, cream of coconut, and dry curaçao. Feeling nostalgic, yet political? Pancho Villa will fight for your right to choose! …Choose your flavor of jarritos that is.  Pancho Villa is made up of El Jimador blanco, fresh lime, salt, and your choice of jarritos (grapefruit, pineapple, tamarindo, jamaica, mandarin, guava). Perhaps you’re looking for something strong and determined that can pack a punch, just like Zapata himself, this drink won’t quit with Máximo mezcal, fresh lime, house-made almond orgeat, and R&D smoked bitters. Of course, Madero, the one that started it all, is and was a crowd favorite, strong yet sweet with Azunia blanco, house-made watermelon cordial, lime, and tajín. Last but not least, we couldn’t celebrate Revolution Day without the defining battle of the Mexican Revolution, the Battle Of Juarez: Deleón Platinum, Ancho Reyes Verde, fresh lemon, fresh ginger, honey, St-Germain, and fresh lime.

Now that you know where we get our Bad Ass spirit from, who’s ready to celebrate?! Join us on November 20th, and don’t forget to make it Bad Ass when ordering your piece of history. Viva la Revolución!